Brass Banding for the Community



A great night back at Band for the first time since our Summer Break.  New music will be appearing in the near future and we sincerely hope that there is something there for everyone.  If you are a member of the Band and have specific programme requests for either Christmas or the post-Christmas season, please do speak to Greg ASAP so we can try to work these into our planning!

PLEASE NOTE – Friday 23rd September will also be the Band’s AGM.  Please do make every effort to attend or send your apologies directly to Rosemary Mann.


Copies of Refractions have now been posted out to Band supporters and friends.  If you haven’t received your copy, please do get in-touch via the “Contact Us” button.


Great rehearsal this evening.  Glad to see members of the training band in attendance this evening as well as two newbies in the shape of Wayne (percussion) and Sarah (Horn).  Working hard on music for the summer season and making some excellent progress.  Thank you to all for your hard work since January.